Energy Specialist Togrul Bagirov

April 15, 2018

Dr. Togrul Bagirov was born in Baku, the Azerbaijani capital, back when it was part of the old Soviet Union, and he also studied at the prestigious State Institute for International Relations in Moscow, where he continues to serve as a visiting professor. For his work at the Institute and for his contributions to the study of global energy security, as well as for his work on behalf of historic preservation of the Nobel heritage, Togrul Bagirov has been decorated with medals by several governments, including Russia, France and Sweden. He also has been lauded for his work by UNESCO.

That said, his finest accomplishments could very well be the very successful work he has done to preserve the legacy of the infamous Nobel family. He became interested in the family in part due to the time one side of the family lived in Baku, back when Azerbaijan was part of the “Soviet Empire.” Dr. Togrul Bagirov played a key role in restoring Villa Petrolea, to its former glory, not just when it came to the brick and mortar. Villa Petrolea was the Nobels’ Baku home for many years. His background in international affairs gave Togrul Bagirov a keen interest in the history of the Nobel Prize, as well as Emanuel Nobel’s significant history in the oil business.

Dr. Togrul Bagirov

His contact with the Nobel family also led Dr. Togrul Bagirov to create the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund, for which he served as chairman for some time. Emanuel was descended from Ludvig Nobel, who was the brother of and Alfred, Robert and Emil Nobel, and the entire family maintains a very important place in scientific and artistic history. The most famous of them, Alfred Nobel, was a chemist who invented of dynamite, although he is best known in modern times as the founder of the Nobel prizes.